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10,000 Free Tratokper confirmed user.

In order to maximize widespread adoption of the Tratok token and rapid embracement of the Tratok Travel Platform, Tratok LTD will be giving the first 1 million verified users who sign up 10,000 TRAT to be used directly on the platform ecosystem.Tratok is the solution that the travel and tourism industry has been waiting for. The long awaited answer to return the balance of power and dignity to the primary stake holders. By leveraging blockchain technology to cut out the "middle men", Tratok solves many of the industries inefficiencies. To name a few, Tratok:
Eliminates fraud.
Results in instant cashflow compared to the 90-180 days of current OTA's.
Reduces comissions to 1.5% compared to the 20-30% of current OTA's.
Returns inventory to the providers.
Reduces client transcations costs.
Eliminates Foreign currency exposure.
Introduces an instant and fair refund policy.
Introduces transparent pricing.
Introduces a global rewards program.

1000 Free Tratokper confirmed signup.

Tratok is about changing the world and now you can help be a brand Ambassador for Tratok Ltd. Tell a friend about Tratok and when they sign up and verify their accounts, they will earn 10,000 TRAT in discounts and you will earn 1,000 TRAT in discounts. It really is that simple to spread the good news.