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Ecosystem Update: Tratok Labs launches, allowing developers to build on Tratok’s Ecosystem

When people think of Tratok, the first ideas that spring to their minds are cryptocurrency or blockchain. While Tratok is closely associated with the two, at its very core Tratok is a travel and hospitality ecosystem with the purpose of constructively disrupting the sector. As such, it is in the company’s DNA to get involved […]

Showcase: Tratok the world’s most feature-rich travel ecosystem

Rome was not built in a single day and Tratok did not become the world’s most feature-rich stand-alone travel ecosystem in one night. There have been a lot of enhancements over the last 18 months and we could spend hours writing about all of them. However, your time is precious and many of you have […]

Project update: First guests have already started their reservations. Roll out continues.

There is a feeling of great harmony among the team right now. After years of work, overcoming the challenges of Covid19 and constant improvements and feedback, our first users are making their reservations on the Tratok Travel Ecosystem. It is a truly rewarding feeling to see all the hard work, sacrifice and determination pay off […]

Project Update: The start of a new year and Tratok’s future

2021 was another challenging year for Tratok, following the extreme challenges posed to the whole hospitality industry during 2020. As far as blockchain disruptors go, Tratok should have been more vulnerable than most due to a combination of the privately funded nature of the project and its focus on the hospitality sector, the sector most […]

Ecosystem update: Cruise module implemented

Over the last 10 months, Tratok’s developers have been hard at work implementing cruise rentals into the ecosystem for our travelers to benefit from. Two months ago, they finished the first iteration and testing on a small scale took place. Today, we are happy to announce that the ecosystem now features cruises on all seven […]