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A second chance to change more people’s lives for the better!

As promised in the last update, we are launching a second round of Tratok’s holiday per year for life for two more lucky winners and their partners. We received a lot of excellent feedback from the community about new methods to implement with regards to earning additional tickets. Rest assured that the suggestion that holders […]

We start 2021 in a strong position but exponential growth potential lies ahead

As we come to the end of the first month of 2021, we look forward to a year with a far more constructive underlying foundation for the travel and tourism sector than 2020. On one hand, the emergence of a vaccine has boosted confidence in the sector and this renewed confidence will rise with more […]

As we head towards 2021, Tratok hosts an iconic launch party for a world changing product

If there is a single appropriate word to describe Tratok’s second generation ecosystem launch event, it would have to be “Iconic”. A groundbreaking event, featured by the Dubai Media Office, the Polo Challenge Cup was an event of beauty and great significance. With two hundred visitors in attendance, it showed the strong support and good […]

A few thoughts from the Team before Tratok’s November 14th launch announcement

We are happy to report that over the last fortnight, pilot tests were successfully conducted involving seven different groups from Europe composed of thirteen individuals from five different countries and seven different major European cities. Despite the issues of Covid-19, the tests were performed flawlessly with universally positive feedback from all participants and some very […]

Tratok’s latest deal with Hotel Data Cloud beats our original June 2021 target by 400%.

The partnership will ensure that the data from Hotel Data Cloud’s portfolio of over 11,400 hotels in 153 countries which feature more than 1.2 million rooms, will be utilized by Tratok’s ecosystem and its 1.3 million verified users. This partnership offers multiple benefits for service providers and clients. Through leveraging Tratok’s blockchain technology, and combining […]